Top down listening activities

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Listening matters: Top-down and bottom-up listening

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Adrian Tennant explores two concepts relating to how students process listening texts – 'top down' and 'bottom up' – and gives some practical ideas for the classroom. Introduction This article, in a way, carries on from the one on Process listening. Vocabulary Activities Vocabulary games, activities and exercises for beginners and elementary students of English.

In 'real-life' listening, our students will have to use a combination of the two processes, with more emphasis on 'top-down' or 'bottom-up' listening depending on their reasons for listening. Remember the pre-listening process should not last longer than the actual listening activity.

The learners' proficiency is also a factor to consider. The activities should not be too demanding, otherwise the students will lose their interests. Conclusion Top-down processing is very important in. Up from the Bottom or Down from the Top? By Peter McKenzie-Brown According to Robert Norris, who uses listening activities to illustrate, “If we require (our) students to use native speaker processing skills without first giving (them).

Top-down vs. bottom-up listening; In the classroom; Top-down listening activities; Bottom-up listening activities; Conclusion; Top-down vs. bottom-up listening Imagine the following situations: Over lunch, your friend tells you a story about a recent holiday, which was a disaster.

Top down listening activities
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