Top 3 leading causes of death

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Kids and Guns: Shootings Now Third Leading Cause of Death for U.S. Children

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Subscribe from £ * Subscribe and get access to all BMJ articles, and much more. FACT SHEET THE TOP TEN CAUSES OF DEATH THE TEN LEADING CAUSES OF DEATH BY BROAD INCOME GROUP High-income countries Deaths in millions % of deaths. These diseases have remained the leading causes of death globally in the last 15 years.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease claimed million lives inwhile lung cancer (along with trachea and bronchus cancers) caused million deaths.

The top 10 causes of death

Fact sheet on the 10 leading causes of death Inan estimated 56 million people died worldwide. Discover what have remained the top major killers during the past decade. Worldwide. It is estimated that of the roughlypeople who die each day across the globe, about two thirds—, per day—die of age-related causes because they have aged.

In industrialized nations the proportion is much higher, reaching 90 percent. Thus, albeit indirectly, biological aging (senescence) is by far the leading cause of death.

Whether senescence as a biological. Heart disease, then cancer are the leading causes of death for Americans. Chronic lower respiratory diseases like bronchitis and emphysema take third place, according to leading health groups.

Top 3 leading causes of death
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